January 14th - May 10th 2019

From a multidisciplinary approach, this course introduces the basic aspects of urinary incontinence and its conservative treatment to understand the key aspects that can be improved by eHealth tools. After discussing existing technologies, we present the WOMEN-UP system, which is the result of an ambitious research project funded by the European Commission.

Each module has two video lessons. The course is in English with subtitles in Spanish. This course no longer provides certificates, but is still open to anyone.

The course is oriented to health professional, caregivers and students of Medicine in general, although anyone interested is welcome.


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1.     Introduction to urinary incontinence

1.1 Definition, epidemiology, etiology and impact on quality of life

1.2 Causes, risk factors and evaluation

2.     Conservative treatment of UI

2.1 Lifestyle modification interventions

2.2 Pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT)

3.     eHealth solutions for conservative treatment

3.1 PFMT with Biofeedback

3.2 eHealth solutions

4.     The WOMEN-UP solution

4.1 The WOMEN-UP system

4.2 The WOMEN-UP experience

Offered by

Dr Jan-Paul Roovers
MD Urogynecology
Amsterdam University Medical Center
Dr Montserrat Espuña
MD Obstetrics and gynecology
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
Dr Olavi Airaksinen
MD Rehabilitation Medicine  
Kuopio University Hospital
Drs A.W. Kastelein
MD Obstetrics and gynecology
Amsterdam University Medical Center
Reetta Lahderinne
Pelvic floor physiotherapist  
Kuopio University Hospital
Dr Joan Francesc Alonso
PhD Engineering
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Dr Diana Taut
PhD Psychology
Babeș-Bolyai University